Monday, November 23, 2009

A Boomer and Cricket favorite

"No, we're not interested in a subscription to Cat Fancy magazine. Now get off our porch."


Boomer and Cricket snuggling sometime in 2006. I'm looking through favorite photos... remembering bunnies from the past... planning to share for the next couple days.


The Bunns said...

Bunnies from the past .. smiles!

bunnygirl said...

It's good to remember old friends.

Binkies at the Bridge, Cricket and Boomer!

KGMom said...

In this season of thanksgiving, I am grateful that these wonderful furred friends share their affections with us humans.

EcoRover said...

Nice pics, you bunny hugger! We had a pet bunny, Oscar, many years ago--hadn't thought about him for a long time and your pics brought a smile! Nice to remember old friends.

dguzman said...

I just want to snuggle in there with them!