Friday, January 22, 2010

Is there a badge for this?

Were I still a girl scout, these are the badges I might've earned so far in life...


Family living skills
Write all about it
Dollars and sense
High on life
Camp together
Working it out
Plants and animals
Listening to the past
Camera shots
Pet care
The lure of language
From shore to sea
Music fan
Your outdoor surroundings
All about birds
Let's pretend
Car sense

And some I haven't quite met the requirements for yet...

Ready for tomorrow
Stress less
Creative solutions
Finding your way
Making it matter
Sky search
Math, maps and more
Art in the home
Let's get cooking
Healthy relationships
Ms. Fix-it
Globe trotting
Writing for real

I quit going to girl scouts about the time I started being embarrassed to wear the uniform to school... besides softball was more fun anyway. My big brothers were scouts and got to do the cool stuff, like real camping and hiking and getting dirty... not sissy sewing and camping in a *lodge* around the lake. Lucky for me, I got to go along on a few of those neat trips my brothers participated in... tho I was sorta left out for being the kid sister and all.


What about you?


KGMom said...

I would have gotten a badge in rock climbing. For real. I learned to chimney stack, though I doubt I would have the courage to do it now.

Rabbits' Guy said...

When I was a little guy, where I lived, Scouts was the ONLY organized activity other than Sunday School.

We ALL were scouts!

Amazing what our mothers let us do back then!

Cindy said...

On my honor, I will try....Girl Scout troop 92!

LauraHinNJ said...

KGMom: That sounds scary!

Rabbit's Guy: Yep... my big brothers did some fun stuff!

Cindy: lol! I can't remember my troop #.