Friday, January 29, 2010

Things I've broken

1. My chin. I was 8-ish and got a ride in an ambulance and seven stitches. I cried bloody murder.

2. Multiple iPods. Mostly by coffee. Most recently by blatant overuse.

3. Rules, hearts and promises.

4. My little girl princess canopy bed. (Yes I was jumping on it!)

5. A chair... my brother being the intended target. The chair mostly survived, but things with my brother haven't been the same since.

6. A couple cars. Sometimes whole important parts of them fell off; others just steamed and hissed at me for mysterious reasons.

7. The copy machine at work. I break it at least once a week. (I am that person.) I try to unjam it before walking away... honest I do!


MevetS said...

I was a member of the "Destructive Duo" in college.

I still have a broken finger, I broke it some time after my 18th birthday, but when, no one knows.

Ask me about the boom truck sometime. Or the time my car decided it would be a ballerina.

Rabbits' Guy said...

My leg - skiing - a long time ago! A badge of honor, and, it kept me out of a lot of horrid contact sports!

Pablo said...

What sparked this reverie, I wonder.

Dave said...

I bet you did break hearts! :)

Cathy said...


This was funny AND you must have been a wild child!

And of course you've now got us all compiling a mental list of things we've left in our wake ;-D