Friday, February 26, 2010

Favorites at the beach

The line of shoes left at the dune fence
Sun streaks in your hair
Ghost crabs
Sun-kissed shoulders
Halter tops
Floating docks
When the wind shifts direction
Lavender-infused lemonade
Digging your toes into the sand
The cries of gulls
Orienting your towel to the sun
Stopping for black raspberry ice cream on the drive home
Wrap-around porches
Polka-dot bikinis
Your chair at the low tide mark with waves lapping at your ankles
A baby in a white floppy hat meeting the ocean for the first time
The smell of Coppertone
A little pool of water in your belly button
Wading through a sun-warmed tidal pool
The shapes of clouds
Painted toenails


MevetS said...

This made me smile.

Rabbits' Guy said...


I was a life guard on the beaches of Lake Michigan for 3 summers - what a racket!!! :<)

Cape May Wren said...

Seashells! (Oh, wait, they rake our NJ beaches in the summer...)

*lol* Suffering from cabin fever and an excess of winter, are we?

Wonderful post, thank you.

Dave said...

This made me smile and brought back some nice memories. Thanks Laura!

Susan Gets Native said...

Sanderlings! :)
I'm so glad you don't take the beach for granted...I'd hafta smack you.

Kathiesbirds said...


LauraHinNJ said...

MevetS: Good!

Rabbit's Guy: Girls... of course!


Cape May Wren: I am, yeah!

BTW... I'm pretty sure we know each other... met in another life, as a matter of fact.... could that be?

You were on the Birder's Forum on Nature.Net ages ago, right?

Dave: My pleasure!

Susan: I'd want you to smack me if I did!

Kathie: Yep!