Friday, March 05, 2010

March means...

Everything has its season, but no season is without color and life, wonder and surprise. He who would know the world of which he is a part must know the way the January wind shapes a snowdrift as well as the ecstasy with which an oriole greets the June dawn.
--Hal Borland

A chance at
Skunk cabbage and, with luck, Hepatica.
That first Phoebe.
Pussy willows.
Grackles and Red-wing blackbirds.
The sun streaming through the bedroom window again when I wake up.
Piping plovers!
Returning Osprey!
Girl Scout cookies.

What are you looking forward to as Winter ends?


Anonymous said...

redwings and grackles, here, too

the first blooms on the johnny jump ups

Wenot wearing a coat!

smelling the soil when I am out working

used to get our first robin around march 15, but now we have them all the time, so they are off the list

Dave said...

Putting the snow shovel away! :)

MojoMan said...

Woodcock, yes. Any day now, it will be time to pour tea from the Thermos and sit as the last light of day fades in a certain ancient field by the edge of a swamp waiting for the twittering sky-dance to begin as I wonder how many generations of odd little birds have returned to this magical place, and wonder how much longer they will return.

dguzman said...

Clear sunny days with a cold wind, and my massive itch to start gardening!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Rain! We need Rain! Otherwise it is going to be a long dry summer in the Pac. NW!

The Bunns said...

Fresh picked greens every night!!!

Cathy said...

Lovely, lovely. The Borland quote and your list of springtime longings.

At first I thought you meant you already had experienced those items this spring and I was ready to move to your neighborhood - pronto!

Lené Gary said...

Such great quotes about spring, Laura. We've had an amazingly sunny, snowless one up here. Thinking of you. :)