Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I've been

looking at cherry blossoms as a bumblebee might

divining the cryptic patterns of moths

wandering along creeks

practising my snake-charming skills*

resisting the urge to walk barefoot among the violets and bluets

letting the sun kiss my shoulders

imagining a visit to the Grand Canyon and deciding other places call to me more

watching bats weave their twilight magic across Venus and a sinking Orion

debating my future

feeling like the fifth wheel on a car gone crazily off course

cheering for a rookie

muddying my bare feet to save my shoes

discovering a pair of eagles soaring among dogwood flowers

hyperventilating on a train trestle

the scope's okay despite its crazy cartwheel into the river below!

eating s'mores

watching Spring spread across the treetops

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Anything fun for you lately?

*If someone can help on the snake, I'd appreciate it... it tried very hard to convince silly me that it was a fierce rattlesnake, using its tail to rattle the dried leaves (and the worried man standing behind me.)



jason said...

Just marvelous, Laura! Truly delightful. And gorgeous photos. Sounds like you've been focused on all the right things. And I had to laugh about the scope cartwheeling into the river... Been there and done that.

(I'm no expert, but your snake looks like a kind of rat snake [Elaphe obsoleta]. They're known to rattle their tails to mimic true rattlesnakes, and the pattern seems right. But I'm only guessing.)

dguzman said...

Re the snake, what Jason said. I have a link for something you might enjoy:

Glad you're having a good time. Me too, at least until next Wednesday when I have to start my new job....

Cathy said...

Oh wow! Laura - beautiful picture essay and lovely, funny prose.

Wow. Did you *really* drop your scope off that trestle?

I just saw your comment over at Bev's blog - she identified snakes once for me. She could probably help Id yours.

She is as lovely a person as her blog. I spent a little time with her last year.

Ruth said...

Great post Laura. (even with the snake)

The Bunns said...

That's our pal "Sneaky Snake" ... watch out - he'll drink up all of your beers! (Tom T. Hall)

Your pictures are pretty much what life always looks like to us!

MevetS said...

"practising my snake-charming skill"


Let me know when you can get them to slide into you pockets!


(And yeah, rat snake seems probable.)

Jimmy said...

Rat Snake is my guess also. Enjoyed your photos.

LauraHinNJ said...

Thanks all... it was a fun couple of days!

Susan Gets Native said...

Quit throwing your tripod off trestles!

(And I thought for a second you had typed "cheering for nookie".)