Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mid-week bunny fix

Fair Bunnies!

Lionhead Bunny

Currently quite the rage among bunny breeders, but I sneeze just looking at them.

English Lop Bunny

Those floppy ears can be as much as 22 inches long... kinda silly, I think, but breeders entertain themselves this way.


Friendly 4-H People

Imagine that! I have to commend this group, unlike those at my local county fair, for actually engaging the public and letting us pet and enjoy the bunnies there on display. Usually the bunnies are left to pant for days in the heat, poked at by passerby, for the sake of a blue show ribbon. Getting the bunnies out of their cages where interested folks could touch them lovingly makes so much more sense, don't you think?


amarkonmywall said...

Perfect sense, win-win. Good fix. Despite the snark, I do like the broad nose and great color on that English Lop. ;-)

The Bunns said...

I suppose, but BL would just grab them all, stuff them under her jacket and then we would have more!

dguzman said...

YAY! And I would've been tempted to steal some bunnies too!

And look at that one there in front who looks a little like Niblet--except around the ears....

NCmountainwoman said...

I always vist the bunnies at the fair. How nice that the 4H folks allow petting.

Saucy B said...

Adorable pics!
Just wanted to let you know that as a NJ resident, I've added your blog to a special page on my site called The Neighbors that features NJ bloggers.
You can check it out here:

Keep enjoying the great wildlife this state has to offer - I know I do!

MevetS said...

Hmmm .. those friendly 4H people are looking rather concerned at the guy petting the English Lop.


Reese said...

I love the Lion head bunny. I find it so adorable. Bunnies must really have to go for social gatherings. They need to jump out of their rabbit hutches and find their place outside. Feels like they enjoyed their day out.

Kelinci said...

wow cute english lop.