Monday, October 25, 2010


Brown Creeper, disappearing.

Were it not for their predictable habit of hanging out in the trees surrounding the Sandy Hook Bird Observatory and climbing upwards (but only partway!) before swooping down to the base of a nearby tree and starting their ascent all over again, I'd probably never notice them.

I did spend all that time watching kinglets yesterday tho, so my eyes had plenty of time to wander to the other birds who keep company with them.

Brown Creepers don't look like much, but they're a treat anyway and their song is sweet beyond words.

Where must a person live to hear Creepers sing regularly?


Rabbits' Guy said...


MevetS said...

One of my favorites, I always delight in spotting one.

KGMom said...

What a great photo of an almost invisible creeper.
On my first glance, I thought--what bird? Then, OHHH.

amarkonmywall said...

Here, in WNC along the Blue Ridge. C'mon over! Love the photo.

OpposableChums said...

My first Brown Creeper was in Manhattan's Central Park Rambles. Surprisingly, I spotted it from some distance away and, roaring in recognition, I charged after it, startling into view quite a few of the otherwise hidden lovers who use the foliage for cover in that part of the park.

C'est lamour, c'est oiseaux...

dguzman said...

We have a lot of them here in the Scotia Barrens IBA, but I've never gotten a good picture. Yours is great! I love them too.

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