Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sun soaked

This is the photo I took at the beginning of our visit - a simple bread baked in a clay pot, a mason jar of ice water and the late winter sun streaming across the table where we gathered for lunch.

Every moment in the sun is a gift these days and I think we all might've stayed in that sun-drenched spot and happily chatted the afternoon away. We - myself, Julie Zickefoose, Heather from Wayne PA (who many of us know from her sweet comments on our blogs) and Heather's friend Linda met for lunch and a visit to the Wyeth collections at the Brandywine River Museum.

Julie is in town to speak at Longwood Gardens. Heather was our local guide and she picked the perfect spot for lunch - sun soaked and fragrant with the scent of growing things... a place to nourish winter-weary bodies and hearten a growing friendship.

More another day!


amarkonmywall said...

Lucky you. Some hours, spent in certain places with certain friends are magical and transforming.

Anonymous said...

I like that photo. It says good times.

TaraDharma said...

Lovely, by all accounts.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Sun! When?

Freckles - I think the litter box is in the wrong place! (Are yu sure Freckles isn't a dog?)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful image. Looks like the makings of a great lunch with friends!

Anonymous said...

That picture captures the magic of the lunch perfectly! It was a great day to soak up the sun rays and meet new good friends. So glad you were clever to bring the camera and document it.

Let's do it again! again!

Wayne, PA

Wren can be found in said...

Lunch for Heather and I the next day wasn't in anywhere near so lovely a location: we were in the basement! The center arrangement wasn't edible, either. ;o)

Julie Zickefoose said...

Ooh, Laura, did you see me creepin' on you as you were making these glorious photographs at Terrain? I was watching, just wondering at the things you selected to immortalize. I loved our luncheon so much, and I loved that we all just wanted to sit there and bask and eat vast quantities of carbs. The next day was fun and crammed with wonder and beauty but not nearly so relaxing.

*Can we have more bread?*

Now everybody has to go see Cape May Wren's wonderful photos of Longwood in her SIX PART blog series! Laura, I was sooooo wishing you and your peerless eye to be there. Promise me you'll go for a visit soon.

Thank you for these beautiful posts, and for taking the time to come see me and Heather. Let's do that again!! Looking forward to May!