Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sea crows

Trying to be inconspicuous
Oystercatchers are funny birds; so boldly patterned, their calls so strident, yet they're so shy!

Staying put, for the moment
You wouldn't think it, but you could easily walk past an oystercatcher without noticing it. Except that they give themselves away at the very last second.

Complaining that I'm too close for comfort
Their nerves get the best of them when what they really need to do is stay put and stay quiet! Instead they advertise with loud calls and bright bills.

Stalking ahead
All afternoon today I was pushing a pair ahead of me as I wandered at Sandy Hook looking for Piping Plovers.


Beth in NYC said...

Oystercatchers are such fun birds. Their calls remind me of the telegraph - dit dit dit, dit dit dit. Did you find any plovers?

Rabbits' Guy said...

Yeh - any Plovers?

MevetS said...

Fun. And nice shots.

(And yeah, any plovers?)