Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shade x 4

I was only able to stand a couple hours on the beach in yesterday's ridiculously hot temps, but was glad to see the plover chicks had managed to find some respite from the sun.

: )

Anyone know how much heat is radiated off of beach sand in full sun when air temps are 100+ degrees?


NCmountainwoman said...

Great photograph. I'm glad the little ones found some shade. Don't even want to think about how hot it must be.

KGMom said...

awww-love the little plovers.

Radiating heat off sand--I bet at least another 20 degrees F. So, 120?

Ruth said...

The picture says it hot!

robin andrea said...

Love this photo, Laura. Interesting question about the radiant heat from the sand. I remember walking those hot beaches and having to run and hop to keep from burning my feet.

Caroline said...

Plucky little plovers your friends are.