Friday, October 04, 2013

Things I can't resist

Another little black party dress

One last dip in the ocean before heading back to the city

One more piece of pie!

Bunny butts,

puppy kisses

and trying to catch frogs
Trying to get the perfect tree photo


Or the pefect sanderling photo

Sticking my nose deep into blooming tea olive bushes

Whistling back at Blue Jays 

Poetry at bedtime
Lens flare

Touching velvet 


Stopping to watch Red Tails turn lazy circles in the sky above me

Waking up napping kitties 

Going barefoot 

Green olives

Singing along with Paolo Nutini

Befriending horses on country roads 

Another cup of coffee 

Making funny faces at shy babies



Jayne said...

What a beautiful list. Everything made me smile.

Rabbits' Guy said...

"Whiskey in a glass" (Tom. T. Hall)