Monday, February 27, 2006

Missy plans her escape (or the joys of (re)bonding bunnies)

I'm not sure that someone who doesn't *know* Missy can see by the look on her face how much of a devil she is about to be. I caught her, with this photo, in the act of debating whether or not she could make it over the fence or onto the fancy chair without being noticed.

She and Freckles were out yesterday evening for a rebonding session, using the x-pen I set up in my living room. She and Freckles had lived together for 4+ years until Missy got sick last summer. Freckles decided at that time that she preferred to live alone.

While Freckles may prefer single-life, I know it's not best for them. They both are lonely and need the company and comfort of a friend. Bunnies are happier in groups. So, the last week or so I've been setting them up together in the living room to see how things go. They're making progress, but Missy still tries to bite Freckles when Freckles won't groom her. With time, it will get better and they'll get along again, I'm sure.

Missy's way of dealing with the discomfort of being forced together with another bunny is to try and escape from the situation and get herself into trouble in the process. Where she thought she might go once over the fence is anybunnies guess!


Michelle Lewis said...

Oh, I have never met Miss Buns but I know that look so very well LOL

I am happy to read that she and Freckles are coming along with the bonding. And I got a huge chuckle out of Boomer and Cricket - the thought of two flemmies tip toeing around in the night leaving little clues as to where they have been :)

And Buddy is so handsome. I don't think I have ever seen his pic before. My Chandler turned 11 this year and he seems to sleep so very much. He still has his daily boughts of energy but they are fewer in number and followed by hours of sleep.

I enjoyed catching up on your "blogging" Laura. I will have to make a point to check in more often!


Susan Gets Native said...

What is it with birders and bunnies? This makes two blogs by birders who have pics of their bunnies on them. Laura, thanks for the kind words about my FIL. He is most definitely a keeper. Even if divorce was an issue (which it isn't) I would refuse on the grounds of not wanting to leave my in-laws. Or I would have to set up visitation rights so I could see them!
And regarding birders and bunnies: I don't have rabbits...I have rats. Maybe since we can't love on the birds, we have to love on some fuzzy critters.

Susan Gets Native said...

BTW, the other bird blogger with bunnies (how's that for an alliteration?)is Sharon Stiteler, on

LauraHinNJ said...

Michelle: Of course you know *that* look; you're a bunny mom too! Boomer and Cricket are a riot - they all are. Please do check back when you get the chance - most new pics of the bunnies are posted here - I got tired of struggling with webshots.

Susan: Thanks for visiting! I found lots of silly comments on your blog that I guess your FIL left - funny guy! I know the birdchick blog and found you through a comment on another bird blog.

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