Wednesday, March 15, 2006

3/15/06 Mid-week bunny fix

Peanut ATB 10/10/03
Peanut was a Netherland Dwarf that I took out of the local petstore. He was "free, with purchase of cage". Probably an Easter bunny that someone had tired of and dumped.
He was here with us for less than a year before he passed away, but it was a good, happy time for him, I think. He was full of spitfire! My boxing, lunging, biting little-boy bunny. I miss him.


Lynne said...

What a pretty little face! Thanks for the bunny fix!

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh - you're welcome. He was a cutie! Thanks for stopping by.

Susan Gets Native said...

You and these bunny fixes! Such a sweet face Peanut had.
I would love to rescue some bunnies, but my husband is at critical mass with the sheer biological load our house is holding.

LauraHinNJ said...

I get a *fix* from these posts, too! I'm not pushing bunnies - they're a lot of work and not for everyone.

Actually - it's a good Wednesday blog post for me - quick and easy - on the day I teach. I don't have the energy to post something when I get in so late from school. This week is Spring Break, so I have the night off - yay!

Love your comment about the biological load at your place. I know what you mean - 5 bunnies, 1 large dog, 2 GP's, 3 fire-belly toads, 20 or so goldfish - I run a small zoo!