Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Summer colors

Anyone else desperate for a bit of summer color?

Red/orange/yellow are my least favorite colors in the garden, especially in combination, but I enjoy the summery feeling I get from looking at this scrapbook collage I did a few years ago. There is the trumpet vine we planted for the hummingbirds that has since overtaken the shed we planted it next to. I don't often see the hummingbirds using it, and don't really like the plants' habit, but it does a nice job of camouflaging the shed that is in need of a paint job. Below the trumpet vine is a gorgeous red passion flower. Beneath that is the tropical butterfly weed that had run wild for a few years, but has since vanished from the garden. On the top right is one of the ubiquitous tiger lilies and an orange garden lily; if I remember right the original few were a *gift* from my brother when he was overrun with them. Finally, a favorite, a red chinese hibiscus.


Susan Gets Native said...

Laura, that is so beautiful! That's a scrapbook page? Don't tell me that you scrap, too!
My, aren't we multi-faceted?
Seriously, that is gorgeous! I did need a bit of color and festive-ness...it's about 29 degrees here. And the only colors in the yard are the blue jays and cardinal boys.
I don't know if it's my imagination, but my boy cardinals are starting to act like...well..boys. Know what I mean? Come on, spring!!!

LauraHinNJ said...

Yes, scrapbooking is another vice. I haven't done it in ages though, all my stuff is up in the attic. Last thing I did was a wedding album for my bother-in-law and his new wife (about 3 years ago).

What I really need is a place to leave all the stuff - where I can come and work for a bit - and then leave it behind - without making the house look like a paper scrap factory!

Cardinals here have been singing, too!

LauraHinNJ said...

"bother-in-law" - oops, no Freud, I didn't mean that!