Wednesday, May 10, 2006

5/10/06 Mid-week bunny fix

Boomer and Cricket enjoying late afternoon leftovers 5/9/06

The bunnies are taking advantage of a sudden windfall of usually restricted greens like kale and dandelion that Dora is leaving behind each day. I tried to snap a pic of Cricket as she grabbed this piece of kale right out of Boomer's mouth, but my flash was too slow.


Jimmy said...

Those are some big rabbits!

Susan Gets Native said...

So what's the ratio of fresh green stuff to the boring hay stuff?
I'm learning so much about rabbits! (If the house wasn't filled to overflowing with animals...)
So glad that Dora is home with you! How's her mood? I read Birdchick's blog so much, I always assume that bunnies disapprove 24/7.

Fiona Bun said...

Kale! YUM!

Michelle Lewis said...

How can you just not smoosh those faces all day long???? They are so happy looking Laura. And to think of where they came from, it just breaks my heart to think of it.

So glad Dora is home and on the mend. Keep the fluids going, I am sure she has one heck of a tummy ache and it can take a long time to bounce back. Any food going in is good.

I can sympathize with you on giving meds to a bunny that doesn't want them - Mopsy is on meds for UTI/Sludge 2x a day for like 3 months and she hates it. I even got it banana flavored for her. First 2 days she was fine and took it like a treat, now she fights me. No fun for anybun or mom.

No carrot recipes for you - stock up on ranch dressing maybe :)

Continued get better vibes for Dora. I have thought about her everyday, just haven't posted.

LauraHinNJ said...

Jimmy: big yeah, about 18 lbs. each.

Susan: a well-behaved bunny will not find hay boring ;-) That ratio of fresh to hay depends on the individual bunny, I think. Some vets recommend mostly hay, some recommend mostly fresh foods. I try to go for some sort of balance.

Michelle: I do a lot of face-smooshing! How could I not?!? They are very happy and it always gladdens my heart to see them together.

Progress with Dora is slow. Her attitude is good, but her appetite is very poor. Have been finally able to syringe feed her the last 2 days. Catching her is the hardest part - then I just sit on her (very gently of course!) She is liking the bit of banana I give her after every *treatment* - amazing the appetite she has for nanners! Maybe try them with Mopsy, Michelle? Before and after the meds?

Thanks for thinking of us.