Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another book to look for

A dear childhood friend passed along a recommendation for this new book written by one of his colleagues at Bank Street College in Brooklyn. It sounds like a relevant read for anyone who is a caregiver or is concerned with the issues of aging parents. Another one to look for on my next stop at the bookstore.

I wish that I had done some reading last year when I was caring for my dad. I'd imagine that many of the difficulties we faced are commonplace to families adapting to a parent who can suddenly no longer live independently due to illness. I also like to keep a list of books that make helpful gifts for friends facing difficult times. Once I've read this one, I may pass it along to a friend or two in need.

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Endment said...

I am going to order this from the library - I took care of both of my parents as well as several other family members - perhaps I can still learn something useful that will make it easier when my children have to provide care for me (ug)