Tuesday, May 30, 2006

whorled leaves reading group

Just in case you haven't already checked it out - have a look at the whorled leaves blog (linked also on my sidebar) where I'm a member and occasionally post. Whorled Leaves is a great community of thoughtful readers that look for inspiration from the natural world and from good books about the natural world.

Each member has a chance to suggest books for the upcoming month. July is my month and I've just posted my selections. Have a look and please participate there also with your ideas.


Susan Gets Native said...

The phrase I have heard recently, "nature-deficit disorder" is a sad, sad result of our society, and hopefully my kids will always be outdoor girls! I will be checking out the Geography of Childhood.

pablo said...

Let me add that you don't have to be a contributing poster to Whorled Leaves in order to participate in the discussion. Regular folk are welcome and encouraged to leave comments as their part of the discussion. And there is usually an Open Forum on Fridays for anyone to post about anything related to the natural world and/or books.

lené said...

Wow, what a nice surprise to see this post and the comments. I'm really glad to hear you all think whorled leaves is a warm place to hang out (not to mention that we've got a great line up of books thanks to Laura) :) I love the picture.