Wednesday, August 09, 2006

8/9/06 Mid-week bunny fix

Freckles has been having a "bad hare day" for weeks.

I've never seen her shed this badly. She looks this way despite daily plucking and combing.
I take her outside for this treatment so her fur can blow in the breeze, rather than all over the house and in my eyes and nose. Only her fur bothers me for some reason.

Looking a bit better and less like Pigpen.


Susan Gets Native said...

Well, I guess a girl's got the right to have a bad hair day.
She's so pretty, despite the "Hare standing-on-end thing".
Couldn't resist...I know...

Michelle said...

Oh my Laura - that's so funny. I take Tink out to pluck her too (she won't allow a brush or comb, and the upholstery attachment on the vaccuum got all 4 paws down) and our front yard looks the same afterwards. It sounds like she and Freckles are going through the same sort of thing, I told Tink the other day she looked homeless.

Have you tried the *whispers so bunnies don't hear* duct tape glove? It worked great on Hazel.

LauraHinNJ said...

Freckles hates to be brushed - and thumps and flicks her feet at me the whole time.

Earlier this season I saw birds picking up bits of her fur for their nests.

I've tried the vacuum too, Michelle - did not go over well! Somewhere I read to wet your hands and then just brush them over bunny - yeah right! How do I get all that fur off my hands then? Duct tape? Hmmm.. sounds like a plan.

Could she have fur mites or something?

Love that you told Tink she looks homeless - my DH tells Freckles her stuffing is all falling out!

The flemmies are shedding too, but just their undercoat and their feet - Boomer hates when I pluck his feet. THUMP!

Lynne said...

I just plucked Buddy today too. He's shedding terribly- could it be a seasonal thing? When Buddy had his last shed, the chickadees would just stuff their beaks full from the wads of fur in the yard.

bunnygirl said...

I would think it's the unusually hot summer you're having up there. Tid is looking a bit ragged too, but less than before we got the a/c tuned up.

pablo said...

My son has a bunny much like yours. I don't think he's ever brushed her. Well, he takes her back to college next week. After that, maybe we can recapture the basement.

LauraHinNJ said...

I really don't think this summer is much different than summers past - a few days where it was very much hotter than usual only. What gets me is that she's not done this before and none of the other 4 are shedding to such a degree.

Pablo: Thanks for stopping by here. I think most brown and white lop bunnies look the same, don't you? Sounds like you might be glad to have your basement back.

silverlight said...
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