Sunday, April 01, 2007

April foolishness

I've been waiting to receive something appropriate to share for April Fool's Day from one of my email buddies, but they haven't come through yet. Last year Michelle sent me these crafty photos of ways to torture your coworkers while they're away on vacation. Yes, it's an old post, but worth a laugh today at least.

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Speaking of foolishness, I bought this carton of Easter-colored birdseed eggs and hung them outside today just before it started to rain. I'm sure the house sparrows will appreciate all the millet while it stains my sidewalks. Of course I had to buy them (not!) because the sign above read, "Easter's not just for the bunnies - think about the birdies, too!" - well, so I did and didn't think about it until after I saw what I had paid for them. I'm a sucker for cute and useless bird stuff.

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I got pulled over by a policeman for the first time in fifteen years today. I was making my usual frantic last-minute dash to arrive at the bird observatory on time. No I wasn't speeding! But my car was throwing sparks because the cover of my catalytic converter decided today that it was tired of hanging on after months and months of rumbling and plunged itself to the pavement and dragged along in plain view of the policeman. I was just picking up the phone to curse at my husband because he's put off fixing it for months when the cop turned on his lights to pull me over. I thought for sure he'd give me a ticket for being on the phone while driving. He actually asked me if I realized I was dragging something. Hello? You don't think I could hear it? He was very sweet though, and assured me that my car probably wouldn't catch on fire so long as I was careful. He even got down on the pavement to have a look. When did they give badges and guns to fifteen-year-olds? Goodness, I feel old.

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So, the day at the bird observatory was very quiet because the weather was cold and damp today. But I finally have a co-conspirator (fellow volunteer) to keep company with after years of volunteering alone on Sunday afternoons. Hi Pat! The two of us were like caged lions waiting to be set loose to see the Osprey flying by outside the windows as they go about their courting and housekeeping in their bayside nests. We closed up shop a little early today and took a short walk together to visit one of the ponds on Sandy Hook where black-crowned night herons like to hang out. We only saw one way across the pond, but like a true shutterbug, Pat was snapping away with her camera. I hope we'll find an excuse next month to do that again as I'm sure the Hook will be much more birdy come the first week of May.


Dave said...

I got pulled over a couple of months ago while driving on the Air Force Base here. Your not allowed to use a cell phone while driving on base, something I'm not use to. If that kid called me "SIR" one more time, I would have been in a lot more trouble.

Mary said...

I cackled at the post from last year! It is SO MUCH FUN to torture co-workers on April 1st, or any other time, really. I wish today was Monday so I could play some pranks on people. Maybe tomorrow won't be too late ;o)

You made me laugh about the Easter eggs and the house sparrow. And, your rant about your car - sorry. But I'm glad he was compassionate.

Now you'll have some company on your Sunday afternoons. That's good! Pat sounds enthusiastic and you'll probably have a great time when the birds are plentiful!

mon@rch said...

Sorry to hear about you getting pulled over! Ugg, vehicles! Next time you will have wonderful birds! For sure!

bunnygirl said...

That sucks about your car. But at least you didn't get a ticket. I've found most cops to be pretty decent if you don't give them a hard time.

About 15 years ago, I got pulled over for speeding on a rainy night. I couldn't find my proof of insurance to save my life, so I told the cop, "Just write me up for that, too. No point in you getting wet just because I'm an idiot." He looked at me funny, as if no one had ever thought to care how he was feeling before. He let me off with a warning. :-)

Those colorful millet balls look cool! But did the Easter Bunny bring them?

Body Soul Spirit said...

Laura, you are still so young, too young to notice policemen who may look 15 years old. At least he was courteous. The coloured millet is very pretty. Is it laced with anything? perhaps birth control for house sparrows?

John said...

That was courteous of the police officer. I don't feel old around police officers; I think that most around here are still older than I. But I do feel old when I see people younger than I carrying kids around.

By the way, I kind of liked Google's April Fools jokes (here and here).

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh dear John. Funny! I like their sense of humor.

Ruth: Maybe - who knows? The mourning doves will like the millet too, I guess.

Bunnygirl: Ha! The Easter bunnies have been napping all day long!

Monarch: At least it didn't catch fire!

Mary: Yes, he was nice and didn't make me too nervous! Glad I didn't get a ticket.

Dave: Ha Sir! Funny how that, and Ma'aam makes one feel old. A lot of our friends are policemen, so sometimes I have a hard time showing the proper amount of fearfulness with them. Guess I should be thankful for his concern, anyway. And glad for no ticket!

Madcap said...

That photo is charming, all the coloured birdseed. I thought at first they were yarn pom-poms. Happy Spring!

LauraO said...

I've never seen colored birdseed like that. What is used to color it? Food coloring?

I haven't been pulled over by police in years and years, but I do see state troopers from time to time because of a friend who is a retired trooper and yes, they are all 15.

KGMom said...

You struck a chord with a number of your readers--getting pulled over by a *ahem* younger policeman. It makes it hard to take seriously whatever you were pulled over for.
Glad it didn't result in a ticket.

jimmy said...

Happy Easter...glad yo did not get a ticket. NO ONE! Played any jokes on me yesterday...but I got some one really good. Easter about an easter chicken? rabbits don't lay

Liza Lee Miller said...

Last time I got pulled over, my truck had a brake light that wasn't working right (I think). The cop gave me a fix-it-ticket and made me drive home the rest of the way with my hazards on -- through our small town -- where everyone knows everyone else. It was absurd. I wanted to roll down the windows and wave my hand out the window while playing parade music! :)

Laurie said...

Everyone looks younger than me these days. The wonderful female doc that did my hysterectomy (is that too much info?) looked to be about 12. I told her I had shoes older than her and she told me I needed new shoes. :-)

keepitkiller said...

That sounds like lots of fun--to have fellow birder to hang out with when you volunteer.

robin andrea said...

I knew I was getting older when my doctor and the President are both younger than I am. It's one of those ways of perceiving the "Circle Game" that Joni Mitchell didn't sing about.

Great that you have a new co-conspirator to work with who is eager to get outside and snap some photos. I can't wait to see your osprey pics.

LauraHinNJ said...

Madcap: Happy Spring to you too. Done hibernating yet?

Laura: I guess it must be food coloring cause it all faded in the rain today.

Jimmy: No tricks here either!

Liza: Bet you learned your lesson!


Laurie: That's a great line - will have to remember it.

keepitkiller: It should be fun.

Robin Andrea: I haven't had much chance for osprey pics yet; the weather has been either gloomy and foggy or sunny and very windy. Soon though.