Sunday, September 30, 2007

Name that fish

Larry at Brownstone Birder always has the most challenging ID tests - whether it be song lyrics or bird/insect/wildflower ID, he usually manages to stump me (most often with his song lyrics - which Lynne is really good at, BTW). So, knowing one of his hobbies is fishing, I thought he might be able to ID the two fish decoys we bought this weekend. I, of course, know what they are (thanks to the little tags that came attached) but, do you?
These are miniatures and are reasonably priced for collecting. Technically, I think this is a lure, rather than a decoy, because of the dangly hooks and shiny bits. Is that right, Larry? Last year we bought a decoy, used for spearing, and there's a pic and some interesting info in the comments on this post, if you're interested. We bought these from the same carver as last year; he seems to win lots of ribbons for his work.
There was an article in our local paper today about the decoy show and reading it, I had to stop to wonder if the author was at the same show as my husband and I. It was made to sound like little more than a gathering of gun-toting rednecks! Sure, the taxidermists were there, but it seems to me the reporter totally missed the point. Maybe I turn my head too easily away from the hunting aspect of the show, but that is part of the heritage of the bay region. For all that I might find distasteful about it, I can think of plenty of less wholesome activities people can get wrapped up with.

Anyway, back to the fish - aren't they nice?



Larry said...

Well Laura-Since I started birding, I haven't done as much fishing.-The second one is a Rainbow Trout.-When I fish in fresh water-I fish primarily for Trout-sometimes Catfish or Pike.

The first one looks like a Calico Bass.-I haven't caught one of those for 20 years-but that's a guess on that one.

Larry said...

Yes-By the way-they are lures.

Mary said...

They are very pretty and decorative. I'm glad Larry identified them!

Jayne said...

They are really pretty Laura. I can't imagine carving these intricate wonders. What a talented man.

Liza Lee Miller said...

They are gorgeous, Laura. Really cool. My grandfather carved and painted duck decoys -- I am lucky enough to have two of his decoys. They are amazing works of art.

dguzman said...

I knew the rainbow trout, but the first one's a puzzler.

Lynne said...

Iwas sure about the rainbow trout and was going to guess some sort of bass for the first. They really are pretty. No bird decoys purchased this year?

Julie Zickefoose said...

Crappie and rainbow trout? Just guessing out of my hat fish expert!
Luka is SOOOOO cute. How does the girdle work for you and him?
Give the bunnehs an extra pat for me.They were here first.

Larry said...

Incidently, a Crappie is another name for a Calico Bass.

G said...

I've been going to this show since 1985. I "discovered" it because I was birding at The Brig, and would also fit Great Bay Blvd into the trip. I couldn't help but stop. As a birder, I had also started collecting duck decoys, and I found a great selection at this show. The art is simple, beautiful, and part of America. I like to go every year and force myself to pick only one decoy for my collection. I always combine it with a trip to The Brig and this year I was rewarded with a sighting of the Roseate Spoonbill.

While the relationship between birder and bird hunter may sound exclusionary, I think that it's a symbiotic relationship. Hunters can be environmentalists, too. Without the hunters, we wouldn't have the great WMA's where we can go to view
birds. And we wouldn't have the great shows like in Tuckerton.

I agree that the Asbury Park Press totally missed the point and the reporter never even mentions the amazing and historical Barnegat Bay Sneakbox displays.

Sorry I missed seeing Luka.

Gerald Beetham

LauraHinNJ said...

Larry: You got 'em!

Funny that birding has crept into your fishing time.

Mary: I can tell that fish aren't your thing.


Jayne: Yep - I think it's the detail in the painting that makes his really special, compared to others that I've seen.

Liza: I'd love to see pics of them sometime. Do share!

Delia: Good for you - I was clueless!

Lynne: Of course - are you kidding? I'll share those another day.

Julie: Hi! You're right too!

The girdle is working pretty well. We had to size up once already and will have to again before he's done growing. Luka isn't a great puller yet, but it seems to work pretty well so far.

Larry: My husband called it something else that I can't remember - started with an *m* I think.

Gerald: Hey - thanks for commenting! Have to commend you for the restraint of only buying one decoy. I set aside $$ each year for the show - it's the only one of its kind that we go to so I let myself splurge a bit!

Funny that you mention Great Bay Blvd. - I just posted about that this evening.