Monday, October 01, 2007

Great Bay Marshes

I often think I'm spoiled to live where I do, with so much beauty within an hour or two of driving. The ocean is just minutes away and I suppose that makes me take it somewhat for granted. At this season of the year, I don't think there's much more beautiful than the salt marsh. The seaside goldenrod is blooming, as are the big white bouquets of the groundsel trees. The really large marshes are a bit of a trip for me - Delaware Bay or south to the barrier islands stretching from Barnegat Bay to Cape May.

A return visit to the decoy show on Sunday left with me an hour or two before heading home to explore the salt marsh at Great Bay near Tuckerton. I wasn't looking for birds, just enjoying the scenery along the 5 mile road into the pristine marsh, passing salt ponds and little inlets and channels along the way. I found a sandy beach before the first bridge where Luka could run through the shallows while I studied the skies and the passing Monarchs stopping to feed on goldenrod. There was a noisy flock of Boat-tailed grackles near to a ridiculously-narrow wooden plank bridge and a few Great Egrets stalking the marsh grasses. I was surprised not to see more of them - one of the little creeks close to home has had at least 3 dozen egrets feeding in the early morning when the tide is right. I keep reminding myself to stop and photograph them before they've gone.

For those of you coming to the Fall Weekend - Tuckerton and nearby Brig is within driving distance from Cape May and may be worth a stop if you're coming from the north. I don't usually stop here on my way south to Cape May, prefering instead to head west to the Delaware Bayshore and visit the marshes there.

I wonder if this will be anyone's first chance to dip their toes into the Atlantic Ocean - Susan? Lynne?


Susan Gets Native said...

I was looking at the checklist and was looking at "Early Fall" instead of "Late Fall", but I am still hopeful..
I have immersed myself in the Atlantic a few times...Maine, Ocean City Maryland...but this will be my first time as a BLOGGER!

Ruth said...

Your marsh descriptions are idyllic!

Lynne said...

It will be a first for meeee!!

KGMom said...

Does Luka get to go along on the marsh trips?
All the lucky folk doing fall birding weekend (I can't)--will they get to meet Luka?

dguzman said...

It would be nice to meet Luka!

Mary said...

Now you are really making me miss the beach! The Delaware Bay and the ocean were only minutes away from us in DE. I wasn't into photography then, darn it! I'd like to see Lynne enjoy the Atlantic for the first time. How great.