Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Send mittens

I'm working on a theory and need you to play along with me here. Given my history with phone issues, I think there must be some sort of conspiracy at work in my life: I'm convinced that all the phone companies are out to get me, even the cell phone companies.


Why can't I sit on my couch and make a call on my cell phone? Should I really have to drive or walk halfway to the next town to be able to hear the person I'm talking to? How is that fair?

So tell me. How many bars do you have at home? Do I maybe need to switch providers (again) and hope for better service? Cave in and pay AT+T for long distance to avoid shivering in the cold this winter? Give up my faraway friends?

Do tell. And send mittens.


Amy said...

My Cingular service tends to be good... except in NooJOYzee. There's something wrong with your state, Laura ;)

Gary said...

I'll tell all. I tossed my cell phone in the bin about 7 years ago and stuck with a humble land-line and voice messaging. I hate being called when I'm moving, standing, driving, eating, chatting, thinking or just about anything else. So I check the messages and call back as needed.

Now my teenage daughter living with me is different! She's wired.

Call anytime!

(Interesting blog - I found you via Madcap, my first blogger friend.)

John said...

I have always used landlines so I can't recommend a specific provider.

Who owns antennas on the closest broadcast tower to your home? That would probably give the best reception. Of course, sometimes the topography creates dead zones in hilly areas.

Webtoad said...

It's clear that you only have 5 choices:

1. Sell your house and move to a more cellphone friendly hill.

2. Leave your cell phone at a good cell spot and tie a string onto it. Then run the string to your house and attach a can onto it. Then call your cell phone and 3-way connect yourself to the person that you want to talk with.

3. Eat more carrots. That will improve your hearing so that you don't need a good cell signal anymore.

4. Install a wifi network in your house and get a voip phone. Wait, I didn't mean to actually suggest something that might work.

5. use the pringles-can trick to extend your wifi network so that you can walk over and see if your cell phone is still on that hill.

Jean said...

Our service is with our telephone company - excellent reception. We live at 1875' elevation on top a ridge between 2 lakes. But - I get very frustrated - no good radio reception here due to hills?
Will be interesting to hear if some company can solve your problem.

Susan Gets Native said...

Amy and webtoad's comments made me LOL. Yeah, Laura. Just sell your house.
I had Verizon, but I couldn't make calls in our house. I had to go outside and stand on one foot with my thumb in my whatsit and then I could get four bars.
Now, with my little cheap prepaid from Virgin Mobile, I can sit on the couch and prank people.

Dave said...

A cell is a must for my job. It's also great at increasing your blood pressure for sure. None of the providers up here are available in NJ. You should be happy for that. Rumor has it that AT&T is moving back up here next year because they bought out CellularOne. Can't wait.

LauraHinNJ said...

Amy: Hi. You're probably right about NJ.


Gary: Thanks for stopping by from Madcap! I hate phones, really I do, but sometimes they're necessary.

John: I'm not in a hilly area for sure, but I have no idea who owns the nearest cell tower. Maybe I ought to look into that. Thanks.

webtoad: hmmm... I think the can trick may be my best best. That or moving.


Jean: I don't know the answer. Maybe I should just swear off phones all together.

Susan: You're too much, really. But that's just what I have to do, almost (except for the whatsit part). You better watch - I may just prank you if I ever get a signal.

Dave: lol! I can't keep track of who AT$T is these days either.

Dr. Know said...

Well, I have no advise on the cell-phone thing, but I do know that the myriad of phone companies in NJ are out of control.

For example, I can call anywhere within the Metro Atlanta area for no LD fee - nearly an 80 mile radius. Same with much of FL. Yet in NJ, it apparently costs an arm/leg to call from Cherry Hill to Blackwood - about 17 miles.

Youse guys really need to elect new Public Service Commission members.

Jennifer said...

I caved in and bought a cell phone recently. I don't use it much. But it has come in handy a couple of times. I opted for Tracfone because it seemed the cheapest option, given how little I use it. Since Tracfone uses EVERYONE's networks, I seem to always have service, even when my friends don't. Except in Clymer NY where no one gets service.

Jayne said...

I have Verizon and have pretty good reception... that is, everywhere BUT my house! If I stand at the end of my kitchen island with my left elbow on the counter and don't move, I can get a bar and a half on a good day. Makes me crazy too, but I chose to live out here in the country so I suppose that's the price?

Endment said...

You have a lot of sympathy and I do have lots of extra gloves - come by anytime and pick them up :)

We have no cell phone service and the service that is available is intermitent through out NY except in Manhattan and I'm not so certain about that. Hope you find out who has towers near you.

The Anonymous said...
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dguzman said...

No one gets service out at my house unless they're standing by an exterior wall or outside. I think it's probably the hilly landscape.

RuthieJ said...

I can send you some hand-knitted mittens Laura. Do you need a stocking hat too? :)

Susan said...

I'm with Delia - no great service most of the time at our house. Walk to the end of the driveway and chances are better.

Mary said...

Oops. Sorry, I have good reception with Verizon. BUT, while living in DE, I had to walk outside onto my driveway sometimes. Maybe there's a problem in that part of the region?

Mary said...

OH, I just read Susan's...yeah, she can prank people LOLOLOLOL!

KGMom said...

Well, I must live in the heart of cellular civilization because my Verizon cell phone always has all its bars.

LauraHinNJ said...

Dr. Know: It does cost an arm and a leg to call just about anywhere. Really frustrating.

Jennifer: Thanks for the suggestion. Off to check it out.

Jayne: lol! See but, I don't live out in the country. In fact, I'm almost within spitting distance of Manhattan, so what gives?

Endment: I drove under the town's tower this afternoon and still didn't have good service. Maybe it's the osprey nest up top that's making the problem.

Delia: I don't know... it's such a pain!

RuthieJ: Thanks... green is my favorite color. ;-)

Susan: But it's cold here!

Mary: Maybe I should check with Verizon...

KGMom: Verison again. Hmmmm

As an aside, is anyone else being harassed with spam comments lately? I'm tired of deleting the Viagra adds. Blech!

ReluctantChickenFarmer said...

As a "retired * " employee of AT&T, I am able to give inside information regarding your stellar cell phone service.
I am always amazed at what the customers put up with when it comes to using a cell phone. AT&T spent millions upon millions of dollars perfecting their land line network so that your call would go through and not be "dropped". At one time, they had a connect rate of 99+% (on their POTS service (Plan Old Telephone Service). But, people no longer want to be connected to a wall via a wire, so they gave up being able to actually dial a number and hear the person on the other end for the "convienience" of being aggravated every time the confounded device rings. Personally, I hate the darn things with such a deep passion that I have actually canceled my service by firing the wonderful little device at the ground at a high rate of speed when I couldn't hear the caller on the other end. Very satisfying. My German temper gets the best of me sometimes. Usually when my wife is somehow looking at me and shaking her head. Oops. Oh well. I call it "techno-stress". My personal "retired *" employee advice is to pitch the GD thing at the nearest wall and dance around the sparking parts and smoke like a child on Christmas. Free yourself of the technostress. Go back to the wall phone. They work, they connect, you can hear people. Imagine that. A hundred years of technology built on solid engineering (thanks Dad). Use those annoying little devices for emergencies only. I believe any cellphone, regardless of whether there is a service agreement, is required to be able to dial 911 to report emergencies.

* = "downsized, rightsized, or down right screwed out of a 20 year career. Do I sound bitter ? Nah. Friggin jerks.

LauraHinNJ said...

Hi Kev: glad you chimed in. Do I dare ask who I should use for landline service?