Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Market

Blogger was behaving badly this weekend and rather than fight it, I gave in to my occasional tendencies to be a lazy bum and didn't even bother trying to post anything. Summer doldrums, maybe.

I made it to the Farmer's Market in town this morning - that's were I found this drop-dead gorgeous crocosmia - I love the burnt orange flowers. I hope this one'll fare better than the one I planted years ago; the nice lady who sold it to me said it's winter hardy if well-mulched. We'll see. The hummers should appreciate it as long as it lasts.

The Red Bank Farmer's Market is an odd mix: part traditional market, part craft show, part kitsch. Today there was a huge display of silk (plastic?) flowers next to a table with the sweetest organically grown herbs, a vendor peddling a dozen varities of pickles, someone selling tacky t-shirts, etc. all surrounded by fresh Jersey produce. All I bought with my $20 was the crocosmia; the rest went towards one too many cups of coffee in the park down by the river. Plus, I got sunburned, again.


Cucumbers and eggplants and squash and peppers are in - as are peaches! No donut peaches, yet. Ever tried them? They're a favorite in my house - the flesh is white and the skin really thin - and they're very juicy (definite kitchen sink snack) and they taste just slightly of almonds. Yummy. Maybe next weekend.


Jayne said...

Beautiful flower Laura. Farmer's markets are such eclectic places in terms of what you can find there that is not edible! I'll have to try the donut peaches.

KGMom said...

The flower is gorgeous. And I like the pick of the veggies in the market.
Huh--I have seen donut peaches and did not know what they were--thanks for the description.
I am glad it is peach season--my husband's favorite dessert is my peach cobbler. This is one recipe I keep secret--a signature dish!

NCmountainwoman said...

I love your market with its mixture of taste and tacky.

Jane Marie said...

I would have to come home loaded up with veggies and fruits. I love Farmes Markets. It's that time for us here. I must go soon!

Ruth said...

I tend to overdo the fresh produce at the market and struggle to use it up especially as our family is shrinking. But at this time of year, everything is so good.

dguzman said...

Mmmm, I wish the farmer's market here stayed open past 5! I never get to go!

My garden is coming along, though. Some of the vegs--lettuce, brocolli (sp? that's my nemesis word), arugula--are done, but I'm starting to get yellow squash, toms will be ready soon, and corn will be ready in a few weeks! I might even get some green beans and an eggplant, if the weather holds.