Sunday, December 14, 2008

Days like this

A great horned owl is demanding answers outside my window and the stars lean close enough to touch; everything says dark December, but my heart. There the sun is warm and the skies are blue. There might even be happy swallows chattering somewhere off in the distance.


Was your weekend anywhere near as nice as mine?


Anonymous said...

No, my weekend wasn't that nice . . . your beautiful sky was lovely. We had cold, rainy weather. Love that photo!

Mary said...

Not as nice as yours, Laura :o)

We are feeling very wet, dark, and dreary. Thank goodness for Christmas lights.

KGMom said...

My weekend was lovely and calm--hubby had been away 5 days for out of town meeting. He came home Sat. eve, we went out to dinner, then I came home & promptly fell asleep. I hadn't realized I had been tense--caring for house + 3 pets on my own, but I must have been.
A good week ahead too.

NCmountainwoman said...

Yes, it was a good weekend. We had misty rain all day long. I'll put up with some gray days to get some rain. Started a new book, "The Other" by David Guterson. I think it will be a good one.

Carolyn H said...

After two weeks of seeing no sun at all, Saturday seemed like a jewel to me!

Carolyn H.

dguzman said...

We had a glorious weekend here, Laura. Love your photo.

Larry said...

What would you tell the owl if it could understand you? The stars do seem more vivid on winter nights where I live.-

Susan Gets Native said...

*whispering weakly...*
Weekend? Did we just have a weekend?

MevetS said...

No. Not at all.

My weekend started with water running over my toes. In my kitchen, while I was washing my breakfast dishes Saturday morning. Uh oh.

The pipe under the sink had rusted out. Not a good thing. There was a small pond in the cabinets.

No ducks though. :-(

LauraHinNJ said...

Liza: This was a pic from the summer... tho it was a pretty day yesterday.

Mary: Right... the magic of twinkle lights!


KGMom: I'm convinced that one of the greatest joys in life is sleeping in on the weekends! Glad your hubby is home.

NCMountainWoman: Hm. Did he write "Snow Falling on Cedars"?

(Nothing better than a new book and a weekend to read it.)

Carolyn: Hi! It is very dark now, isn't it? I think the sunrises and sunsets of winter make up for it, almost.

Delia: Thanks! It was almost 65 degrees here today!

Larry: Yep... I think it's that the view to the horizon isn't bothered by leaf-covered trees and there seems to be less haze now, too.

Susan: Yeah.. you missed it.


Steve: lol! So you spent Sat. at Home Depot, huh?

Might've been worse, though.