Monday, May 04, 2009

A flock pic

and this isn't even all of us!

We bloggers pretty much invaded the New River Birding and Nature Festival this year... whether as a part of the Flock, friends of the Flock, or as leaders on the various field trips.

At times we were so loud and obnoxious, I thought for sure they would kick us out and beg us never to return.


Not me, of course, I'm the quiet one.

Pictured above, in the back row are
Bill Thompson, Tim, Nina, Jane, Barb, Kathie, Lynne and me

Next are
Beth, Kathi and Mary (who saw 38 life birds and as of Saturday couldn't remember one of them!)

Bunched up in the front are
Jane, Kathie and Susan.

Not there for the photo, but also blogging about the festival were
Kathleen, Julie Zickefoose, Jim McCormac and Jeff Gordon (who can really sing - who knew?)

There's plenty of talent and diverse persepctives on that list to keep you all busy while I unpack and do laundry.

Enjoy browsing!


Susan Gets Native said...

Wow. We all look so...normal.
Well, looks can be deceiving.

: )

NCmountainwoman said...

Everyone looks so well behaved! I'm really looking forward to hearing more.

RuthieJ said...

I thought Nina was the quiet one.....
I like the group shot with the sunset background (even though it pales in comparison to all those bright smiles)

Susan Gets Native said...

Wait a minute!
Why was I the only one with a drink in my hand??

T.R. said...

ROFL about Mary and her 38 life birds that she couldn't remember the next day! As Susan says, "We try to be good birders, but sometimes we can't help ourselves." Nina - quiet - maybe - but the last one to go to bed at night!!!

T.R. said...

Oh, and regarding "Well Behaved" - that old saying definitely applies "What goes on the road - stays on the road"!!! Heh, heh, heh.......

KatDoc said...

Wow, what a nice, clean, well-behaved group of birders! Who are they? Surely not the rowdy, raunchy, raucous, giggling, drinks-coming-out-the-nose Flock. Maybe this is their alternate plumage. Anyway, they look like a fun bunch.

~Kathi, a proud member

verif word: "seatstesi" Isn't that the call of the Chestnut-sided Warbler, or something?

dguzman said...

Well, you can claim to look "normal," but we all know the truth!

At least Lynne wasn't cursed at by a guy in a sweatsuit set!

Mary said...

Definitely not normal. Definitely.

I still need to refer to my handwritten list :o)


Susan Gets Native said...

The 'quiet one'...snort.
Who was the one who kept me up until 2 am on Thursday morning talking? Hmm?
See how I am totally blaming you for that, instead of admitting that I couldn't shut up either?

Anonymous said...

Good memories of good times. It's nice to have this sedate-looking photo of us acting like grownups. That five minutes of the festival should be preserved for posterity as well.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

I'm glad there's a shot of us all at Smokey's. That evening as so pretty, perched along the edge of that enormous gorge at sunset. Just another of our many wonderful shared memories.
And, I'm not that quiet--it's a relative thing...:-)