Friday, March 29, 2013

A bunny, on loan

Maybe some of you that are bunny people heard this story about a nearby bunny hoarder. It ended up that many of the rabbits "rescued" from the hoarder were turned loose in an RV park so campers could "feed and enjoy them" as the above article says.

The local chapter of the House Rabbit Society, thankfully, stepped in to re-rescue as many of the bunnies as possible from the terrible fate that awaited them in the "wild" of the RV park.

The GA House Rabbit Society has put out a desperate call for help with the surviving bunnies... they need donations for the care of the sick and malnourished bunnies they rescued and they're looking for foster homes.

This is where Lucas (pictured) and I enter the story. I decided to foster him for a while to make space at the shelter for these recently rescued bunnies. He's a cutie-pie. I can't let him stay very long or I'll fall in love.

: )

Monday, March 25, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sadie going places

I'm a lucky dog... I get to go places!

Sometimes they have to leave me behind in the car because NO DOGS ALLOWED. I don't feel very lucky, then.

I wait patiently tho and don't do anything to ruin the upholstery...

Here I am at St. Marks at Thanksgiving... we've gone there a lot.

They took me to the mountains at Christmastime, but made me wear this silly-looking coat that someone had bought for me. Imagine people buying gifts for an abandoned old shelter-dog like me!

This day they took me to a weedy field so that Laura could photograph dried-up old wildflowers with her new camera.

I was happy there because the path smelled like horses.

We spend a lot of time going places and then waiting around and looking at birds... here I am at my first Christmas Bird Count.

I am a good bird dog. I am very quiet and patient and never bark or whine or pull on the leash while we wait for birds to show up.

Sometimes we wander around the city and look at street art. I was not overly impressed with this particular installation along the Beltline.

I like the beach... that's a good thing because we go there the most.

It smells nice.

I am posing on Siesta Key in Florida. Some people think it's the prettiest beach anywhere.

The sand is very white.

Once they took me to Dahlonega and tried to get me to pose next to this tough-looking dog.

I was embarrassed for myself, feeling like I couldn't possibly ever measure up to this level of toughness.

They dragged me along with a bunch of teenagers one day to look at the lichens growing on rock...


They even dragged me out to the ends of the earth near Fort Pulaski to see a lighthouse, of all things!

I'm a good travellin' dog... but I like having a place to call home the best.

: )

Monday, March 11, 2013

More little owls

There's a part of me that wants to just post adorable and artistically composed photos, but that would only tell half the story of these burrowing owls and might leave the reader overly impressed with my bird-finding skills.

: )

The truth is that I had a map and the birds were very easy to find on the city streets and neighborhoods of Cape Coral, Florida.

Known-to-be-active burrows were clearly marked and had a t-shaped perch in place for the owls.

Actually seeing the owls was a challenge, but only until we'd come up with something like a search image in our minds. We drove around this neighborhood near the library a couple times without seeing any, but then once we spotted one owl at the entrance to its burrow, others suddenly became visible.

We found this pair out enjoying the sunshine on a very busy street only because of a man standing on the sidewalk staring intently at them from a couple feet away. He told me he checks in with the pairs that live on his daily walking route. They didn't seem the least bit bothered, but I snapped just a couple pix and was back in the car.

If you're in the neighborhood, Cape Coral and its Burrowing Owls are worth a visit. They're so very tolerant that I found it a little too easy to get overly close... keep that in mind, especially, if you visit during nesting season.

Saturday, March 09, 2013


Take time to look into the eyes of a stranger passing you on the street... can you find the real person there for a tiny tick of the heart?

Take time to go wonder shopping...

Look up. What beautiful view is waiting just above your head?

Look down. Who's reaching up for help to rise above sorrow, hardship, a broken soul?

Look around your neighborhood... see the same old streets as if they're yellow brick roads with a wizard waiting at the end.

Look around your house... what could you lose and still be you?

Look at your work... when was the last time you fell in love with it?

Look inside... what are the secret unlived lives that you could midwife?

Stop the clock and look around... it's about time.

(Take time to set your clocks ahead tonight, too.)

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Owl steal your heart

A fiercely cute Burrowing Owl at Cape Coral, FL!
Click to enlarge, but beware looking too long into this cutie's yellow eyes... he'll steal your heart.

: )