Saturday, March 15, 2014

More signs of Spring!

Out with the cold, in with the woo. 

~E. Marshall, "Spring Thought"

A hike this afternoon at Arabia Mountain (my favorite local place!) led to a couple good finds. A very brave Jay scooped up this gelatinous mass of salamander eggs(?) from a vernal pool for me to poke and squirm at. There were lots of these (that I'm guessing might be Spotted Salamanders) and a couple of others that maybe are Blue Spotted Salamander eggs.

Very cool, kinda gross and entirely too squishy for my taste.

: )
The opposite end of the same vernal pool held lots of teeny-weeny frog tadpoles... could these be chorus frogs in my reflection? 

I'm hoping Spring is making progress towards wherever you are...