Thursday, June 05, 2008

38 by 39

Today's my birthday. People always say that time seems to pass more quickly as you get older... do you find that to be true, also?

Anyway... I'm borrowing this idea I saw somewhere out there... to come up with a list of goals... dreams... intentions... things I've been putting off... to accomplish before my next birthday.

In no particular order:

1 Organize the songs on my iPod into playlists that are useful

2 Go iceskating

3 Get Luka into doggy-day-care at least one day a week to save our sanity

4 Read one book from the *to be read* pile at least every other month

5 Buy no new books until I'm commited to #4

6 Stay up all night to watch the sunrise. Stay in bed the rest of the day. Do not feel guilty.

7 Take a photography class

8 Buy a bicycle. Maybe one like

9 Get together with The Flock for a birding weekend

10 Get the nerve up to submit something to

11 Find a cafe that makes a nice coconut cream pie

12 Replace a bad habit with a good one

13 Finally tackle shorebirds

14 Buy a thesaurus

15 Make something handmade for a friend

16 See ten new birds

17 Volunteer for a local environmental project

18 Try a new fruit - maybe

19 Invite my brothers and their families to go camping for a weekend

20 See the

21 Go maple-syruping

22 Finally learn how to make a nice spaghetti sauce

23 Organize (and back-up!) my photo collection

24 Write a letter to an old friend that's been out of touch for too long

25 Fly a kite at the beach

26 Sleep outside under the stars

27 Find an old person to teach me how to play

28 Donate some things I don't use anymore to the thrift shop at the
local homeless shelter

29 Drink more water and less coffee

30 Learn how to wolf-whistle

31 Spend a day exploring the sugar-sand roads of the Pine Barrens

32 Buy a good map before attempting #31

33 Accept hugs more eagerly

34 Learn the names of 5 constellations in the winter sky

35 Read a novel in Spanish

36 Catch love in the moonlight

37 Do that one thing I've been putting off

38 Refer to this list often

Wish me luck! I wonder how many of these I will have accomplished by this time tomorrow...



John B. said...

Happy birthday!

Dr. Know said...

Happy Birthday, Laura.
Good Luck with the lists - life gets in the way of a lot of more desirable efforts.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on #10. Those guys are ogres.

Beth said...

What a great idea! Good luck and happy birthday

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...


I'm working on my iPod playlists too.
I'd love to do a photo class.
I'll meet you for the coconut cream pie- my favoite!
You'd better work on that hugging thing because when the Flock gets together I'm gonna squash you in a fierce hug!
When you learn canasta you can teach the rest of us at the Hasty Brook Assisted Living Residence!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!

NCmountainwoman said...


That's a pretty impressive list. You might as well give up on 4 and 5. Literature lovers will never stop buying books and putting them in the "to be read" pile, or on the shelf with the same intention.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your list. Happy, happy birthday!

RG said...

Happy B'day ...

Some list. Good luck ...

Rurality said...

Happy late birthday! Every year I have the constellation one on my list but so far I haven't learned too many. Did try qumquats though! :)

robin andrea said...

Happy birthday, Laura! Hope you had a grand day, and are well on your way working through this list.

MojoMan said...

I love your list! Everybody should make one and refer to it often.

About that bike...Check out Their bikes are a little pricey, but there's lots of good info there about sensible, comfortable, practical bikes that can be applied to all kinds of bikes.

Jayne said...

A belated Happy Birthday Laura! I love your list!

Anonymous said...

All laudable goals. Happy belated birthday. Many happy returns.

Anonymous said...

All laudable goals. Happy belated birthday. Many happy returns.

KGMom said...

Ah Laura--what a wonderful list, and what an inspiring idea for your birthday recognition.
My list would be a few items longer than yours, so that would be a challenge for me to come up with one!
I really like the "get a bicycle" item--that thought has been bouncing around in my head of late.
And, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, from me.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Laura! Your list made me think of a few things I should be doing right now :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Laura!

I made a list a lot like yours in 1994 and go back each year to check my progress. There IS progress, I am happy to report.

Good luck with yours.

LauraHinNJ said...

John: Hey! Thanks!

Dr. Know: It does... maybe the list will remind me to pay more attention to the desirable stuff.

Dave: I've heard that, yeah.


Beth: Thanks!

Lynne: Yeah... birthdays are as good a time as any for self-improvement and the chance to learn useful skills for our old age.


Bunnygirl: Thanks!

NCMountainWoman: Really... I've got to get it under control!

Liza: Thanks.

Rabbit's Guy: Thanks... some of these will be a challenge.

LauraHinNJ said...

Rurality: Yeah... progress is likely to be slow. 5 seems like a reasonable number though.

Robin: Thanks and yeah.


Mojoman: Thanks for the suggestion... the old 10 speed is pretty tired and worn you know.

Jayne and Born Again Bird Watcher: Thanks for the good wishes.

KGMom: Thanks... this was a fun exercise and took me about a week to come up with so many. I like the idea of doing one each year - I don't think it's too late for you to start thinking about a similar list.

Mary: Thanks - get busy!


Sandy: Hi and thanks! Do you add to your list each year or change some things?