Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yes, you.

You there...

(not you guys, of course, or you)

But you... yes you, looking over my shoulder as I write.

(and you too, faraway, but not invisible)

You think you know me? You think what I write here is the truth of me? The truth of us?


I can be anything... go anywhere... do anything... be anyone, here.

How would you know otherwise, really?

I can write any story, create any truth...

You'll believe what you want... read your own truth into whatever I write, but know this:

I write with the knowledge of you, there, always.

What you create from my stories is your truth, not mine... a mirror of what's inside you.

You've a very convenient window into what you imagine to be my world, but this is not my world. This is a story I tell to entertain myself.

Sometimes I write to entertain you... or to annoy you, maybe, just a little.


(Of course you know that, right?)


Forest Green said...

No, I don't think that I did really know that. And I must confess, I am just a little irked and miffed (he said, tongue firmly in cheek!)

Dave @ Around Alaska said...

Is that true? :) Love that photo!

bobbie said...

Yes. Super photo.

jason said...

Fantastic! What wit and wonder, Laura. And what an ingenious way to shake an audience from their stupor.

dguzman said...

you never annoy!

Mary said...

Jason said it. When I need poetry, I come here.


MevetS said...

LOL! Like I ever have a clue ...


Anonymous said...

The best to you, and whatever you chose to do.