Thursday, June 20, 2013

If looks could kill...

another grumpy PAWS Atlanta adoptable kitty!
"I dare you to take a flattering photo of me!"

Probably this is not her best look.

: )

Aside from the obvious cattitude, I need help from my photography friends with black cats and dogs. Unless there's sun streaming onto their fur, they so often look... well, blech! What can I do about that? Any hints?


KGMom said...

Poor kitty. She is probably scared, hence the super protective crouch, and squinted eyes.
No help on photographing black fur pets, however. When we rescued our present dog Ziva, whose lovely fur is glossy black, we learned that big black dogs are frequently the "last adopted" as people are afraid of big black dogs. Plus they don't photograph well for their adoption photos. What a sad reason to avoid a loving pet!
Thanks for what you are doing to help make pets more adoptable.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Oh my! That's an unhappy kitty.

Taradharma said...

I would try lighting them brightly (to duplicate sunlight) with some stand alone photo lights. This is only a suggestion -- as I've never done it, but within your question lies the answer: sunlight!

So good to see you stop by my blog again. I feel as if I have much catching up to do. My URL is changing today: I'm going to disable comments soon on the original blog. Hope to see you again!

Caroline said...

If I ever saw a death glare, that is one right there!

RG said...

Use a rinse off gray color on that rascal first!