Thursday, December 05, 2013

Minor victories

I've somehow managed to get the African Violet to bloom again! 

And I took cuttings a couple months ago and magically made a healthy new African Violet

And while I was away for Thanksgiving, this happened! 

I'm not sure when I grew a green thumb with houseplants, but I'm feeling quite accomplished. Or maybe just lucky.


RG said...

Aren't they pretty? Our Christmas Cactus blooms in October!

Unknown said...

How lovely! My Christmas cactus is blooming too. LOVE it! African Violets . . . I'm not good enough about feeding them for them to bloom. I can keep them healthy but that's about it.

Wren nests in... said...

Hooray! I killed my AV's... :(

Jayne said...

I've had violets for years, and though they lived, they never thrived like they are now thriving. The secret? Get it in a clay pot made for violets that sits down into a pot of water. Wow. AMAZING the difference it makes when you don't water them from the top!