Friday, April 15, 2016

Calling all zombies!

This photo has nothing to do with the subject of my post, but.... cute kitty!


A couple of friends on FB have been lamenting the demise of our blogs. We all seem to mostly agree that, coupled with life changes or varying degrees of laziness/lack of interest, the popularity and ease of Facebook put the final nail in the coffin of what was a very happy time in our lives. All the writing. All the sharing. All the feels.


We miss blogging and we miss our blogging community. Some still blog regularly, some occasionally, some never do - but a couple of us have decided to give it a go again and see if we can't get back some of the magic that we used to share here, in this way. Isn't that exciting?!?

Wonderful sweet Jayne suggested that prompts might be helpful to get our writing juices flowing again, if need be. I like the idea of prompts, so long as they're not too restrictive, or too predictable. So in thinking about it and considering how much we all seem ready to write / talk / make excuses (?) for why we STOPPED blogging, it occurred to me that an interesting prompt might be to think and write about why we STARTED blogging. Others of you may have already addressed this at some point in your blogging career, but I don't think I ever have...

So what do y'all say? Can this prompt lead you somewhere interesting? Will you join us as we try to resurrect our dead or dying blogs? Zombie Bloggers Unite!


Comment here if you're in!  We'll promise to read and give feedback; that has to be part of the bargain if we're to feel like a community again.

Many, many thanks... I've missed you!


Anonymous said...

I have kept blogging, although much less often than when we first started in 2004. So I'm not exactly a zombie blogger. Maybe I'm just the "walking old tired person" blogger who still loves photographing our small world. I am so happy that you want to start blogging here again. I think sharing the sights and sounds of the world you see is part of what makes us cherish every piece of our earth. Welcome back.

KGMom said...

ZB checking in. I assume you mean we should each write a blog in response to the prompt.
I'm in.
Oh, and I see you did go back to the Blogger site.
Off to write why I write.

Ginger said...

Hello from a fellow Zombie Blogger (and new blog friend and follower) about to write again. Thank you for getting us off the block with this, along with sweet Jayne's prompting!

NCmountainwoman said...

Glad to see you blogging again. I can tell you exactly why so many of you stopped blogging. In one word. Facebook. When I see "Join me on Facebook" on a favorite blogger's page then I know it's only a matter of time. I do miss so many of you and I hope you will pick up the gauntlet.

And yes, it is a lovely kitten.

LauraHinNJ said...

Robin: Thank you for the welcome back! We're all a bit older, but hopefully wiser... those of you who've kept blogging regularly are an inspiration - my hats off to you!

KGMom: Yep, that's the idea!

Ginger: Welcome and thank you!

NCMountainWoman: Did you ever fall for Facebook?!? I envy your willpower, truly! I've kept an eye on you over the years, but have been (as usual) bad about leaving a comment. Glad to know we'll be sharing this space again!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to reconnect with your blog! It's been ages.... Looking forward to all that is to come!

Ruth said...

Do you live here or on Wordpress? I look forward to reading your posts again.

RG said...

Well I wish everyone well at the reboot! I started blogging long ago because of a rabbit. Then a lot of rabbits. But now, no more rabbits. I shall enjoy reading and commenting as able.

BTW - I live on Puget Sound about 65 miles north of Seattle. The other day there was a flock of white pelicans on the bay - never been seen in these parts.

LauraHinNJ said...

GraceEverydayBlog: I'm excited, too!

Ruth: Nice to see you Ruth! I've been living over on Wordpress, but think I may move back here.

Rabbit's Guy: Thanks for the well wishes! White Pelicans are super cool, aren't they?!? How exciting - they're huge!